Friday, September 28, 2007

Monkeying around

Kuvaza loves the After School Program. She has been coming ever since it was started in March 2004! She’s in Grade 5 and really works hard, often spending two hours on her homework. She doesn’t like maths very much, but does extra maths homework every week to try and improve her marks. Her favourite part of the Program is Bible Club on Wednesday afternoons, and she often gets points for remembering Bible verses and knowing stories from the Bible.

Kuvaza always works hard and has a smile!

This week she had to write two paragraphs on something scary that happened to her and I thought what she wrote was really cute. So I asked her permission and here it is:

Two years ago a scary incident happened to me. While I was busy bathing I heard voices and steps outside. I looked through the window but there was nothing. I finished bathing, put on my clothes and went to the kitchen to make something to eat.

When I went to the kitchen I saw some papers lying around. I took the papers to go throw away. When I went outside to the dustbin something that looked like a big monkey jumped out from behind it. I was so scared, I screamed and dropped the papers and ran. Only at last I realized that it was my Aunt’s brother wearing a monkey mask.

On the home front: more rugby blues
Well, Namibia’s World Cup campaign is over with two more losses under their belt(s). Disappointing, but the last game was played in very rainy conditions. Wacca will be home on Saturday, and it’ll be interesting to hear about his time in France.

Speaking of rain, ‘they’ are predicting a good rainy season for Southern Africa and while Jimmy was working up in Rundu (right in the north of Namibia on the Angolan border) on Wednesday, they got their first showers of the season. So may it start early and last long!

Lastly, I’m sure you’re dying to know the squash score – only won one game this week again (and that was with Rachel doped up on antihistamines – or maybe they’re performance enhancing?!).


Janie said...

Hi Julie, Please tell Kuvaza I said hello and I am so proud of her wonderful study habits! Miss you all!!

Gav said...

Antihistamines are used to make speed. I reckon you should send her to the doping agency for tests!

Trying to remember if we ever had a game of squash at QUT........

still trying.......