Saturday, November 24, 2007

Closing & Concerts

After School Program is over for another year. We closed on Thursday with about 30 kids in attendance. After an hour for study, they were divided into teams for an obstacle course Steven and I had set up. (It involved hopscotch, catching hackey-sacks, dribbling (the soccer variety, not saliva) and scoring a goal.) To help them recover they then got ice cream and a little goodie bag to take home.

They managed to finish their Bible verse hangings on Monday – just sticking the things together took a lot of time when there was only one tube of glue! (We couldn’t find one, and the other one ran out with the first group.) As the aim of doing the hangings was to help them remember the Bible Club lessons from the term, I hope the kids glance at them occasionally over the holidays!

It’s not over until…
So things are winding down for the year, but it’s not all over just yet. Tangee (the chairperson of the EBCAIDS Committee) and I will be attending a three-day course on Project Management at the Polytechnic next week. Hopefully we’ll pick up some information that will help with managing EBCAIDS.

After that there’s a quiet week, before Home Based Care training from 10 to 14 December. Please pray for this as the details haven’t quite been finalized yet and I’m having difficulty contacting the trainer from AIDS Care Trust (a local NGO) as she is currently out of town.

Concerts & more concerts
I had to leave the After School at the ice cream stage on Thursday, as Samara’s pre-school Christmas concert was on that evening. They did a great job of presenting a message about Jesus being the reason for Christmas, while still working in the traditional Nativity play. The youngest class (Samara’s) just had the responsibility of singing enthusiastically, which they certainly did.

And that followed the Sunday School Christmas concert last Sunday, where Samara DID say her memory verse (although a little shyly), as did Caietta – who got one of the biggest rounds of applause because, although no one could really understand what she was saying she just sounded so cute saying it!

The concert had one of the more startling birth scenes I’ve seen in a Nativity play, with ‘Joseph’ delivering the baby quite realistically! Oh well, unless the innkeeper’s wife was summoned, I guess it would have been up to Joseph, wouldn’t it?

Jimmy heads up north on Monday for work – yes, I know there weren’t supposed to be any more trips, but this is an emergency (some transformer or something blew up…). And we’re preparing for the church’s AGM next weekend. Speaking of which, I’d better get back to writing the EBCAIDS Report for the year!

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