Monday, May 5, 2008


I know that I've been really slack with my posts this year...please let me apologize and do a 'general' post to bring you up-to-date with what's been happening.

After School Program

This was a real struggle during Term 1 (which ended on 18 April). Kauna (who, as you'll remember, coordinated the Program for us last year) was accepted to study Science at the university, and so after helping kick off the Program for the year, had to withdraw due to a busy class schedule. There wasn't anyone available to take over, so I tried to oversee it as much as possible. Due to my other work I couldn't come every day and Mercia (another volunteer and also the church secretary) was a big help on the days I couldn't make it. We also had trouble finding enough volunteers for each day, and this meant that the kids were less enthusiastic about coming. School will start for Term 2 on May 12, so I'm starting to look for volunteers now - please pray! We'll have two Teams coming to help out during this term - one from a Scottish church (mid-June to the beginning of July) and one through AIM Canada (mid-July to the end of term in August), as well as (possibly) two other short-term AIM missionaries.


All's well on the family front. Jimmy's travelling a bit less for work this year, about one & a half weeks out of every month. Samara had a great first term back at Pre-school and Caietta certainly keeps busy at home.


Rachel and I still diligently play squash weekly whenever possible and the last outcome was that she beat me 2 games to 1 last week, while I beat her by the same margin two weeks previous. Rachel and her family will move back to the U.S. in June (they are missionaries with AIM and will be doing home assignment and then looking at other possible ministries), so I have to convince our some-time squash opponent, Hilary, to become a bit more regular so we can play every week!

And as for rugby, Hauta (who's still volunteering at the After School Program when his studies allow) has just been selected in the training squad for the national team! He's very pleased about that and just wants to make it to play for the team. Meanwhile our friend, Wacca, has just arrived back from 6 months playing for an English club. He'll soon be back wearing his national jersey, as they wanted him at training the same day he arrived from England!

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