Sunday, June 15, 2008


I’ve been busy working on a DVD presentation about EBCAIDS, which is why I’ve been a bit quiet lately. It’s mainly to send to my dad in Australia so he can talk about our work. But if anyone’s interested let me know!

After School is still going well – we passed the attendance high of 67 kids from the other week: on Monday we had 70.

We’ve done the Life Skills group with the kids from Grade 6 to Grade 10 for the last two weeks and it’s gone really well. Hauta wasn’t there the first Monday, but helped out last week and did a great job. The kids are all eager to discuss the questions and give their opinions. The first lesson was on what it means to be unique vs copying other people. And last week was on sexual pressure. That sure generated a lot of discussion, and so we didn’t get through the whole lesson. Seeing tomorrow is a school holiday (in celebration of the Day of the African Child), we’ve decided to do life skills on Wednesday in place of Bible Club. Sutuu, Lazarus and Mercia will do a similar program (but age-appropriate) for the younger kids.

The main reason for finishing the lesson this week is that for the following two weeks we’ll have a team from the Gilcomston South Church of Scotland working with the After School Program. They’ll be running a VBS (Vacation Bible School)–style program in place of all our normal activities, so if we don’t finish the life skills this week that one lesson will be done over 4 weeks!

Sutuu was in charge of Bible Club last week and did an excellent job teaching the kids that knowing what God says in His Word is important to help us grow. It’s so great to see these guys taking on responsibility and handling it well.

We said goodbye to Hauta on Tuesday – as he WAS selected for the national team and headed off on Wednesday to Senegal to play a qualifier for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. He was definitely looking forward to the experience. Unfortunately we still don’t know what happened…news seems to be a bit slow coming out of West Africa! He’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with good news of a win.

Well that’s all for now – please keep us in your prayers, especially as we finish up the DVD, and for the Scottish team arriving at the end of this week.

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