Friday, December 4, 2009

Home Based CARE

Edler visiting one of her clients

Christmas can be a difficult time for the clients in our Home Based Care program. They may travel to the villages/rural areas to spend time with their extended families, which may mean they don’t have their normal support system. Or they might stay in Windhoek but members of their household travel, so then they need additional help.

Jogbeth doing a bible study with the children

The EBCAIDS caregivers are busy finding out where all the clients will be over the holiday period, so we can properly plan for the care they will need. Please pray for this.

Jogbeth counselling her client and family

There are now 16 clients being visited by four caregivers – Jogbeth, Aline, Edler and Olga. This is a 100% increase over the number of clients we had when we started just over a year ago. These include some male clients, so we are praying that there are some men who will be willing to join as caregivers, so that the needs of the men in the program can be better met.

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