Friday, April 16, 2010


As posted last month, we received a donation of some great reading books. Problem is, the daily program is already so full…solution: special Reading Afternoons! Currently only one Friday per month (we don’t normally have After School Program on Fridays), the children come and just enjoy reading for a couple of hours. The first one was held in March and about 25 children came. As soon as we told them that time was up they wanted to know if they could come back next Friday and why weren’t we having Reading Afternoons every week?

Today, although the ASP officially closed for the term yesterday, we squeezed in a second Reading Afternoon. The next one will only be in June, once school resumes.

Mercia, one of our volunteers, uses the literacy method for reading to the younger ones (Grades 1 – 3) and the older ones read by themselves with volunteers on hand to help them with words they don’t know. After they finish, they answer a few questions to check that they’ve understood what the book is about. They are then able to record the book on their Reading Sheet. Once a child has read 10 books, s/he will be able to choose one to take home as a prize.

Reading is an area in which many Namibian school children struggle (through the first Reading Afternoon we were able to identify a Grade 5 student who cannot read at all). We hope that through this initiative, the children’s literacy will improve, which will lead to an overall improvement in their learning and marks.

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