Thursday, August 28, 2008

Term 2 in Retrospect!

188 children attended the After School Program in Term 2 and the average daily attendance was 61 children.

International Flavour
Two international teams assisted at the ASP during the Term.

Pip, Cherith, David and Richard from the Scottish Team running games for the children

The first was from the Gilcomston South Church of Scotland in Aberdeen, the home church of SIM missionaries Paul and Hilary Gunning. They were here for two weeks at the end of June and did a fantastic job running a Bible Club program for the children each afternoon.

The second was through Africa Inland Mission Canada and came for six weeks in
July/August. Tim, Becky, Justin, Amanda, Cecilly and Katie worked hard tutoring the children, especially those in Grades 1 to 4, helping with the sports, Bible Club and craft activities and running a special Bible program during the last week of the Term. The water fight on the last day was very memorable!

The AIM Team with ASP volunteers (L to R) Hauta, Absalom, Lazarus and Martin

In addition to the teams, three nursing students (Melanie, Carly and Danelle) who were also in Namibia through AIM Canada helped out two afternoons a week.

One of these students, Danelle LeBlanc, donated some money for sports equipment. The children were very excited to see new soccer balls, rugby balls, a cricket set, darts and cones. The AIM Team also brought some sports gear, so now we have a good variety of sports to offer the children.

A big thank you also goes to Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) Namibia, who donated six bicycles to the ASP volunteers. This makes their transport to and from the Program much easier.

Lazarus, Martin and Absalom with their bikes

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