Friday, October 17, 2008

Home Based Care

Meet Edler, Jogbeth and Aline (above, from left to right), the Carers in our newly-started Home Based Care (HBC) Program.

Between them they are currently visiting eight clients, all of whom are HIV-positive and taking anti-retrovirals (medication used when HIV has reached an advanced stage).

Apart from assistance when a client is sick, the HBC provides support and counselling, as well as help and education to the clients’ families. Often the households have practical needs such as for food or medicine; sometimes the clients may just need the encouragement of someone caring enough to listen to, and pray with, them.

One of Jogbeth’s clients is Susanna (not her real name), a nine-year-old girl whose family did not know how to tell her that she is HIV-positive. Shortly after starting to visit the home, Jogbeth saw that Susanna didn’t understand why she needs to take medicine every day. After speaking with the parents, everyone agreed that Susanna needed to know the truth. So Jogbeth explained the disease to her and the fact that taking the medicine properly will help her stay healthy. Susanna had many questions but was able to accept this. Jogbeth now needs to talk with Susanna’s brothers and sisters so that they can also understand and help Susanna.

This is just an example of the many challenging situations our Carers encounter, please pray for them!

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