Friday, March 27, 2009

Up and running (the Program & the kids!)

The good news is that we have found a Coordinator for the After School Program, after Kauna’s studies kept her too busy last year and I stepped in until we found someone…and ended up acting in that capacity for the whole year!

Tangee Tjijorokisa has been involved as the Coordinator previously, for a couple of years shortly after we started the Program in 2004. He has been studying Adult and Community Education for the last two years and this has rounded out his area of expertise which is early childhood education. He has a real passion for working with children and is bringing a lot of new ideas that are improving the Program.

Tangee teaching the Grade 1s and 2s about vowels

The consistently high attendance from last year has continued and increased in this first term – so far we’ve had three days with more than 80 kids present! Of course we can’t handle these numbers without a whole heap of volunteers and so we’re happy that our dedicated ‘teachers’ (as the children call us!) from last year have stayed on (except for Martin, who’s too busy with study) and have been joined by some more.

Tom (left) helps the Grade 3s and 4s with their homework, while Uvatera (right) reads a story

Joseph and Zeka, members of EBC Rundu who are studying at the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary, were occasional helpers last year but are able to commit themselves more this year, with Joseph coming every afternoon (it’s great that his classes are only in the mornings!) and Zeka once or twice a week. Some of you will also remember Tom, his studies by correspondence allow him to be full-time at the Program again. And Uvatera finished Grade 12 last year and is taking a ‘break’ this year before taking up his tertiary studies – and decided to dedicate some of his time to After School.

Joseph makes sure there are no false starts!

And they're off!

For their sports days the last couple of weeks the kids have been doing ‘athletics’ – they’re split into teams and compete in races with the rest of the team cheering from the sidelines. The kids get very excited, as does the neighbourhood! Many people from nearby houses, or those walking past, come to the fence and seem just as interested in who wins as the kids are.

The kids cheer for their teams

The winning team is announced

As well as sports, the activities this term include the Life Skills group for Grades 6 to 12 continuing, craft, Bible Club and games. Pray that these, in addition to the schoolwork help provided, will fulfill the Program’s aim of promoting positive life choices to the children who attend.

A prayer to close the afternoon

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