Saturday, April 4, 2009

A positive change

From Jennifer, one of our home based care clients:

I am a 30 year old female Namibian and I am HIV-positive. I’ve been living with HIV for about 10 years now and lost my second-born child to HIV-AIDS. I’ve been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS and am receiving antiretrovirals as treatment.

Since I have been introduced to the EBCAIDS Home Based Care my life has improved tremendously. This is due to the food, love and support I receive from this ministry. I currently do not have a job and through the Home Based Care visits I have been encouraged and counseled to live positively even in the face of this, and other, difficulties. I really thank God who keeps me alive day after day, and because He has used His servants from EBCAIDS to help me accept my condition and live a happy and productive life.

Aline has been visiting Jennifer for about seven months now. Jennifer lives by herself (her first child stays with his father) and she often got discouraged by the emotional and health problems that come along with HIV-AIDS. Since Jennifer has been receiving the home based care, Aline has seen a real change in her attitude and life.

“She is a lot more positive now that she can talk about her problems with someone. It also helps that we pray about the issues she has to deal with and I encourage her that God hears our prayers and will answer them,” Aline says. “Also since I started visiting her Jennifer has started her own small business of taking wedding photos. This means that she isn’t just depending on the food that I bring her each month, but is also able to make some money for herself. That has really improved her outlook on life.”

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