Saturday, April 25, 2009

End of term already?

After School Program closed for Term 1 on Thursday. Strangely enough, it was a rainy afternoon! Namibia’s right at the end of the rainy season and though we might get some light showers into May, the heavy thunder showers we had on Wednesday and Thursday are quite unusual. The rain has ushered in some chilly nights and cool days – at least by Namibian mid-Autumn standards!

Attendance at the Program dropped off following Easter as the children were busy with exams but the average daily attendance in February and March was 69. March saw the highest attendance figure on one day of 90 children!

The school holidays are for four weeks so the children will only be returning to school on 26 May. Next week we’re holding a mini-workshop for the After School volunteers to build their skills in working with the children, then they’ll have a well-deserved break before planning for Term 2 takes place the week before school starts.

Home Based Care
In the last month or so, Jogbeth and Aline have contacted two new clients each, which brings the total of clients being visited weekly by the three ladies to 12.
The first support group meeting for the clients was held at the end of March. An HIV-AIDS support group is important for those living with HIV and AIDS to be able to share experiences, support and encourage each other. Three clients and two Carers attended the meeting and they had a great time of fellowship. We’d like to start having these meetings on a monthly basis, so please pray that more clients will be able to attend the next one.

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