Friday, April 10, 2009

After School Parents' Evening

A happy and blessed Easter to everyone! Although I’m out in the bush for our church’s Easter Camp, thanks to the marvels of modern technology I can also post this.

On Monday evening we had a parents meeting for After School. About 25 parents and 65 children came and we had a great time.

Tangee was officially introduced as the new Coordinator and told the parents a bit about what their children actually do at the Program. The children had practiced three songs (under Lazarus's patient direction) and the parents really enjoyed their singing.

Two of the “littlies” in Grade 2 said memory verses from Bible Club lessons and some of the children from the Life Skills group performed a drama based on what they learn in the lessons about choices, standing up to peer pressure and abstaining from sex.
Tangee provides some moral support for Queeny as she says her memory verse

The children also got a chance to talk, with George (Grade 8), Kapaa (Grade 8) and Kuvaza (Grade 7) saying what the Program means to them. They talked about what they enjoy at the Program – the different activities and the help they get with their schoolwork. Kuvaza was introduced as the “After School Veteran” as she’s been attending ever since the Program started in 2004 – when she was in Grade 2!
(Top to bottom) Kuvaza, Kapaa and George

Then it was the parents’ turn and it was hard not to get emotional when George’s mother stood up and talked about the change the Program has made in the lives of her children (she has three sons). Before George started at the Program, she said, he was failing at school and didn’t care – when he came home from school he would just play soccer with other kids in the street instead of doing his homework. But after coming to the Program he managed to pass at the end of that year (2007) and has been doing well ever since. Now when he comes home from school he grabs his books and is eager to get to the Program.

The parents were unanimous in their thanks and encouragement to keep the Program going, to help their children.

After a cup of coffee and some cookies for everyone, the evening was declared a success…and then we had to clean up!

Zeka seemed to enjoy washing all those cups!

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