Friday, May 22, 2009


The Home Based Care & Counselling training is off to a great start!

We began on Wednesday evening and Thursday (a public holiday here) and will continue tonight, Saturday, Sunday afternoon and Monday (another public holiday). The topics already covered include:
§ The roles of caregivers and counselors
§ Basic facts about HIV-AIDS
§ HIV transmission and prevention
§ Social factors that contribute to the spread of HIV
§ Stigma and discrimination
§ How to live positively with HIV.

Some of the participants

After that more introductory information, we’ll start with the topic of Home Based Care tonight.

There are 15 participants, 13 from the church and two from the community. As I’ve mentioned before, EBC members are also doing most of the training; so far we’ve had 5 different presenters, as well as Julia, the trainer from AIDS Care Trust.

Edler presenting "How to live positively with HIV"

The temperature is a bit chilly in the evenings, but everyone’s keeping warm with plenty of tea and coffee!

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