Friday, June 12, 2009

Otjiwarongo meeting

Last Saturday I was in Otjiwarongo, a town about 300kms north-west of Windhoek, for a meeting about a community-based HIV-AIDS group.
Tangee (right) facilitates discussion while I record everything on the laptop!

EBCAIDS has been talking to the EBC members in Otjiwarongo about starting some work in HIV-AIDS, but since Otjiwarongo, although a fair-sized town, is a small community, it seemed sensible to find out what other churches and organizations are doing in the area of HIV and AIDS.

Members of one of the AOG churches (left, with Jogbeth) livened up the singing time

We had some good discussions with the EBC members and members of two other churches. It was agreed that the Otjiwarongo people will organize another meeting from the platform of the local Pastors Forum, which includes more than 10 churches, so that the possibility of coordinating and networking the church-based HIV-AIDS ministries can be fully explored.

Some EBC Otjiwarongo members

A group from our church went up for the whole weekend to meet with and encourage our members in Otjiwarongo, although Jimmy, the girls and I only went for the day on Saturday. By all accounts everyone enjoyed the time together.

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