Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meet Bella

Meet Bella, one of our new volunteers at the After School Program. Bella is qualified in Early Childhood Development - and actually trained with Tangee, our Coordinator. Best of all, though, is that Bella is one of our Home Based Care clients!

She's been out of work for some time and Aline, Tangee's wife (who is one of the Home Based Carers and has been visiting Bella), remembered that they had trained together, so mentioned the After School Program to her. Bella was really interested and came to have a look at it in action three weeks ago.

Helping the children with their homework
Tangee put her to work helping the Grade 3s and 4s and she hasn't looked back! "I just love working with children," Bella says, "and am really happy to have the opporunity to help them at the same time."

Managing the classroom
She has been struggling with anaemia, though, and had to stay at home for a week as she felt very weak and tired. Thankfully she is feeling better now but we would appreciate your prayers for her.

The other new volunteer, John, injured his knee the weekend after starting at the Program, and so has been resting it at home ever since. We're waiting to hear when he'll be up and about again.
Other updates
TABLES - As you can see from the photos above, we don't have enough tables for the children to work at. We are now looking into having some made as the hardware stores here do not stock folding tables that are strong enough for the demands of After School!

Tangee looks after the paperwork while helping the twins with their homework

LIFE SKILLS - Hauta and I have started with the weekly Life Skills group for children in Grades 6 to 10. Once again the children really enjoy talking about making good decisions, sexuality, HIV-AIDS and influencing others, while learning practical and Biblical skills to help them live their lives to the fullest.

The children have group discussions to answer questions

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