Friday, July 31, 2009

More Health Issues

With the inevitable diagnosis of H1N1 flu cases in Namibia (only 4 confirmed to date), we’ve been thinking about how to educate those we work with so they’re aware of the disease and know what preventative measures to take. Although the Health Ministry has been distributing information on the signs and symptoms, an article in the newspaper this week reported that people in the informal settlement areas – who are thought to be at most risk due to crowded living conditions and poor hygiene practices – know little or nothing about this “new” flu. So obviously more needs to be done.

Home Based Care
People living with HIV and AIDS are more at risk because of their already compromised health, so it is important to make sure they do understand how to protect themselves from this and other diseases. Our Carers are making sure that they talk about it with each client (and his/her family or household, wherever possible) so that they are aware of what to do.

After School Program
Our ASP kids (like most) are generally not very concerned with what is and is not hygienic, so we have been putting extra emphasis on simple things that can be done to stop “sharing” germs with their friends: sneezing or coughing into a tissue, regular hand washing and staying home if they are really not well. With all the coughs, colds and flus around at the moment it’s a wonder that we’re all not laid low!

Those who are not well…
Bella continues to stay at home until she is fully recovered. She’s thankful for our prayers. Steven remains positive and is working hard at his physiotherapy sessions.

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