Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of Term 2!

The After School Program (ASP) has closed for Term 2. During June and July the average daily attendance was 74 children and the highest attendance was 99…

WOW! 99 children!! I remember when we started and thought that 35 kids were a lot…now we’ve almost tripled that number. I have a feeling we’ll be cracking the 100 barrier next term!

On average, 10 ASP children attend church at EBC on Sundays with 27 attending other churches. That means that about half of the children who come along to ASP don’t normally go to church or Sunday School.


How many can I take?

We had a closing party for the children on August 13, the last day of the ASP. We gave them cookies and juice; and also gave “goodie bags” to the children who had good attendance and good behaviour over the Term.

The Gr 1s and 2s enjoy their cookies and juice!

The teachers had a surprise because different children came and presented each of us with sweets and a note thanking us for our work with them! Now that was sweet…

George gives 'Teacher Tangee' a thank-you note

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