Friday, February 5, 2010


Over the last few months our HBC Coordinator, Jogbeth, has been hard at work turning part of her backyard into a garden.

This garden has two purposes.

Firstly, to produce food that can be shared with the HBC clients.

The second purpose is to try different ways that fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown in small spaces and find suitable methods for the clients to use in order to start their own food gardens at home.

Many of the clients have only limited space at home, but there are several options such as using pallets, drums and even old tyres!

Seedlings in trays and drums being prepared to grow potatoes and onions

Currently Jogbeth has melons, tomatoes, spinach, cabbages, carrots, corn, onions, mint and lemongrass. She will soon be planting potatoes and herbs.

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