Friday, February 19, 2010

HBC update

Olga, Daniel, Panii and Ingrid have joined Jogbeth, Aline and Edler at the HBC as Caregivers, which makes a total of 7, visiting 19 clients. We are especially thankful for Daniel as this means
1) we may be able to reach and visit more men
2) he is quite gifted in languages and can visit clients who speak languages other than English, Afrikaans and Otjiherero.

Edler will be on maternity leave from April to July and is anxiously waiting to welcome her fourth child.

Income Generation
Having their own vegetable garden at home (see previous post) will provide the clients with the nutritious food they need to keep their immune systems strong. It can also be a source of income as they sell ‘extra’ produce.

This is one of the Income Generating Activities we are investigating for the HBC clients. The other is jewellery making and bead work. We plan to send Jogbeth and two clients to be trained in jewellery and bead work in May, so that they in turn can train the other clients who are interested.

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