Friday, March 5, 2010

The old and the new

Ikuaterua Mujetenga started coming to the ASP as a first grader in 2006. Now he’s in Grade 5 and still attending – and wants to for many more years!

Before coming to the ASP, he hadn’t heard much about God. Now Ikua’s favourite activity is the Bible Club and through it he has learnt that God created us all and is always with His people.

His Maths marks have improved from a D to a B symbol and he thinks his communication skills are much better because of the ASP and the constant interaction with the teachers and other children.

Ikua says he likes coming to the ASP because of the way the volunteers interact and the love they show to the children.

Ikua (right) helps his friend Tjingaitjita with a project

Kunouoje is a new-comer to the ASP as she only started coming this year. Also in Grade 5, she says her Maths and English have improved even in the short time she’s been attending.

The activities Kuno likes best are Bible Club and sports – sports because she enjoys running around, and Bible Club because she is encouraged to ask questions about the Bible and talk about it with her friends.

Kuno admires the volunteer teachers – she says that their attitude and manners set a good example for her to follow. Her favourites are Tangee and Hauta.

Kuno busy with a worksheet

Ikuaterua = ii-kwa-teh-rwa
Kunouoje = koo-no-wo-yeh

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