Friday, March 19, 2010


A big thank you goes to Branxton Public School in New South Wales, Australia, for the donation of reading books!
Some of the children and volunteers with the thank-you banner they made
As posted previously, one of Branxton’s teachers, Philippa Furner, was visiting friends in Windhoek last year and gave a talk and demonstration to the ASP volunteers about a literacy program used in Australia for children whose first language is not English.

When Philippa went back to Australia and told her school about the ASP, they agreed to donate books they receive through the Scholastic Book Club. This is very much appreciated as it is difficult to get good books for different reading levels here.

And were the children excited when they saw the box of books!
“Can we read them now?”
“Can I just have a quick look?”
“I want that one!”
…were just some of the comments!

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