Friday, June 25, 2010

My After School Program

My After School Program from McCarthy Uatiraiye Mbangwa

This After School Program is very good. I like it and if I have to leave then I will miss the teachers and my friends. At the After School we play games. When we have homework our teachers help us and they explain what the paper is saying.

When my mother first brought me here last year I was very quiet but now I’m in Grade 6 and Teacher Lazarus says that I talk too much.

My best friends at the After School Program are Jordan, Tjiveze and Wilfred. We play together and make other children naughty. When this happens we have to go to Teacher Tangee and tell him what happened, and then say sorry.

At the After School Program we must behave, if you want to go and drink water you must ask for permission. If you come late then you should apologise. When we go home we clean up our class and close the windows. After the activities and games we go to assembly, we pray and then we can go home.

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Kathieunder100 said...

"we play together and make other children naughty" - classic! Love it that you teach manners in all things as well!