Friday, July 9, 2010

Team time

We’re excited to have some young people from Britain here to work with our church, particularly at the After School Program (ASP). Emma B arrived last week and has come through SIM UK for two months in Namibia. She is joining up with a team from SIM Scotland who will be here for four weeks. Claire, Jen, Cara and Emma L all attend the same church in Glasgow and were brought together by their interest in missions. They arrived on Monday.

Emma B and Cara teach the children a new song - with actions!
In the mornings the girls are kept busy at Family of Hope Services, an organization that helps orphans and vulnerable children. In the afternoons they have already been a great help at the ASP. A few of our regular volunteers are currently busy with exams before the tertiary mid-year break, and with Lazarus and Colly still in Botswana this has left us a bit short-handed. So Claire, Jen, Cara and the Emmas must be feeling like they have been thrown in the deep end!

Claire helps with Gr 3 & 4 homework
They are helping the children with their homework and remedial work, as well as preparing and running some of the activities with the volunteers. There were plans to have a study camp with the older children next weekend but unfortunately the children haven’t shown much interest and it will probably be cancelled.

Jen hands back corrected remedial worksheets while Emma L helps Gr 1 & 2
They are also joining in with the regular church activities such as Bible studies, prayer meetings and Sunday services. Today they head off with the Youth Group on a weekend camp and will get to experience the Namibian bush up close and personal.

We want them to learn as much as possible so they are all staying with church members and meeting weekly with one of the ladies from the church for language and culture lessons. Hopefully this will give them a greater understanding of Namibia and plenty of information and stories to take back to their family and friends!

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